Monday, November 19, 2012

Rosie--The Next Generation

Sunday, November 11, was Veteran's Day.  Bob and I usually ride his jeep in the parade--and I get to be Rosie the Riveter.  It's fun on so many levels: you get to ride in a parade (and people love Rosie).  And you get to remind people that the women back home contributed so much to the WWII war effort.  Finally, and most important, it's heart-catching to see thousands and thousands of people lined up, waving flags, and showing their appreciation to those who keep this country free.

Oops--Sunday was Veteran's Day.  But Veteran's Day observed was  .  I had managed to double-book myself.  No Rosie in the parade this year  :-(

Except . . . .

I'm helping out at the Goodwood Plantation planning for an exhibition they will be doing in the spring.  Another committee member is what we here in the South call "a lovely young lady," Eliza.  Eliza and I had talked about how she likes to dress in vintage clothing, and she had once mentioned that she was Rosie the Riveter for Halloween a couple of years ago.   So I asked her if she could cover for me--and she was beyond thrilled.   So the crowds got their Rosie, and Bob had a charming companion for the parade.  What I found most touching is that she carried a picture of her grandfather in his uniform.

Maybe next year Bob will have two Rosies in his jeep . . .

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