Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Continues

OK--so it's November.  October was busy.

But not the crazy busy of the last many years.  As much as Rob and Jeff and Bob and I absolutely loved doing the haunted trail at the Museum, we had to admit that it kicked our butts.  We tried to far more than was possible with limited time and limited money and limited people--and we succeeded.  But it took up every spare minute of September and October to plan and build (and a lot of time before that building props) and most of November to tear it down and put it away.   Last year Bob and I broke away by going to Mexico, and Rob and Jeff put up a display on the museum grounds.  But we missed working together.  So this year we offered to decorate one building as a Cabinet of Curiosities.

While we did do some prop building, we also managed to have a more relaxing October than usual.  We went to an alpaca show
I managed not to bring an alpaca home, and only a little bit of fleece (to supplement the pounds and pounds of alpaca I still have hanging around--but it's a lovely color).
We went to the Blountstown Goat Days--a small-town fair.  No pictures, but we enjoyed talking to blacksmiths and the people rendering out pork cracklins and bought homemade soap and food-on-a-stick.
Zack the Zombie was put up at the MacClay Gardens scarecrow display to advertise the Halloween Howl.   He made one of the park rangers uncomfortable, and she eventually tied a bandana around his face to hide his scary mouth.  I heard that she also thought about putting sunglasses on him.

I even got interviewed by the newspaper about our Cabinet of Curiosities.
And we did build props.  My major contribution was my Peruvian mummy.  He started out life as a skeleton from Walgreens, and with a lot of paper mache and paint he ended up like this.
We had to stage some pictures for the abovesaid newspaper article, and, while I didn't send it in, this was my favorite
Bob made a conjoined skull
And I did a vampire killing kit
Next post will talk about the Cabinet of Curiosities--which was a resounding success!

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