Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prepping for Winter

Why is it that as the year is winding down, things are winding up?  Keeping busy--and usually forgetting the camera.

There was the fall Farm Days.  Absolutely beautiful day for it.  I got to spend the day spinning on the porch and got quite a bit of yarn made for an upcoming Christmas gift.  Not a full day's worth--I had to stop a lot and let various children try their hand at spining to get their samples.  I do cheat on that, of course--my hands are on their hands, and for some I'm doing all the spinning.  Others I can take off one hand, and then the other, and they're doing it on their own.  Either way--it's a good photo op for their parents.  But did I think to get a picture for myself?

And Thanksgiving--I got to have two of them.  We had friends over for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, and then Thursday I packed up all the goodies and we had family Thanksgiving day with my parents.  The cats were thankful for the bits and pieces of turkey that they got, and the chickens were thankful for the carcass (bones are good for them)

Bob's been putting in the winter garden--greens and cabbage and garlic and carrots. We don't get that many cold nights here, but we do get some (it got down to 31 degress last night).  He thought about building a cold frame to go over one of the beds to protect it (an experiment--to see if a covered bed fared better than an uncovered one).  I pointed out that you'd have to move it every time you wanted to weed, water, or harvest (the beds are 12 feet long by 4 feet wide so this would be awkward).  My suggestion was to go bigger--build it over two beds, tall enough to go inside.  The build was super-simple and fun--we put arches of PVC pipe over the beds, then covered them in plastic.  All duct-taped together.  It's not elegant, and we'll probably have to go retape it after any storms, but it only needs to be there for about three months.  All told, it took us about two hours to put it together.  How did people do fast builds before PVC? (The black plastic at the end is there because we ran out of clear plastic)

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