Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silliness and Steampunk

Had a party last night to kick off the Halloween season (for those who haunt, we really should start around March but better late than never . . .)

I'm not sure everyone expected me to hand them sheets of painted aluminum foil and tell them to smash them on their faces.  But they were good sports.

This morning I did a little detail painting and put up the results.  Friends don't let friends get too close to the trees . . .


Steampunk is an art movement which can sort of be described as Victorian fantasy with an emphasis on technology.  Possible the best example would be the Time Machine from the 1960 movie of the H.G. Wells classic:

I have a fondness for Steampunk, and Bob has enable this by giving me my anniversary present early--a steampunk pendant.

You can't really see all of the details in the picture--there's a tiny gear inside, and a crystal, and a little coiled spring.  You can also see the line where it opens--I do like pretty things that are also practical.

Yep--it's a jump drive.