Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gazing into the Past

A friend has archly pointed out to me that I haven't posted for a bit--say, about four months.  I've gone a couple of weeks here and there, and sometimes a month or so, but this is my record.  Consider my wrist slapped.

Weird thing is--if you don't record your life, you forget it.  I look back and just sort of figure that I haven't written anything because I can't remember doing anything.  But, of course, stuff has happened.  I'm just going to do a few quick Cliff's Notes posts to get caught up again.  So . . . .


Actually I had August pretty well covered, mostly with The Great Kitchen redo.  We celebrated that with a day trip at the end of the month.  We have a friend who lives in Texas but was visiting her parents in Panama City for a few weeks--so we went and scooped her up to go do the Tourist Stuff in Panama City Beach.  Kim is smart and sassy and pretty darned snarky, hence a lot of fun to be around (truth be told, she and Bob think at the same speed, which is a lot faster than my thinking speed, and I just sit back and nod at the obscure jokes as though I understand them).  We spend hours at the Ripley's Believe it or Not, which is the ultimate of cheesy fun.  I forgot to take pictures, but Kim took a couple, mostly pointing out that Bob is bigger than either of us.  That's such a surprise.
This is a casting of the hand of the world's tallest man, with, respectively, Bob's hand, my hand, and Kim's hand.
We had some really good seafood, and then headed off to the aquarium (trying not to feel guilty about eating fish).  Bob found a stingray petting pool (a perennial favorite of his) so we spent much time feeding them, and Kim's highlight was getting kissed on the mouth by a sea lion.
That wrapped up the end of August.  Now I have to think about September and try to remember it.  Did we do anything in September?  Did anything happen in September?  Something is nagging at me.
Oh, yeah.  We got hit by a hurricane.  Funny how one forgets little things like that.