Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So about the time that the kitchen was getting finished (albeit with a great deal of it still in the living room) the Hauntforum (an online group of people who are obsessed with Halloween) had it's annual "prop under $25 dollar" challenge.

What a good excuse to walk away from the mess and go make another one in my cottage.  At that point I had less than a week to make something, so really no time to design something and then go shopping (while trying to stay under budget).  So I just dug around, pulled out anything that looked like it might become something, piled it up, and waited for something to happen.
I raided the garden for an old tomato cage and covered it with brown packing tape

Eventually some water bottles got turned into legs, and some wire became wings, and a milk jug evolved into a head, and some old burlap covered everything.  Teeth and claws were made from hot glue and voila!  A swamp wyvern.

He's kinda cute, and after he was created I was in more of a mood to finish up all the kitchen stuff.  Believe me,  a great deal of the stuff that came out did *not* go back in.  It's actually rather nice to open a cabinet and not have stuff fall out.
And then I had to be an adult.  The baby armadillos really weren't babies anymore--and I let them go.  I usually get a bit sniffley when I do a release, but this time I had a good hard cry.  They were just so darned cute, and so friendly.  But alas--they were ready to go.  They were all playing with me and jumping in my lap and sniffing my ankles, then I propped open the door and they discovered a whole new world and suddenly I no longer existed for them.  But they looked happy. (and we did find a new den the next morning only about 10 feet from their cage)