Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing Reindeer Games

We're starting to get prepared for Halloween.  A friend found one of those Christmas animated reindeer by a dumpster and knew that I would want him.  A bit of work later, and here he is (and his head still moves back and forth)

Bob has reworked a nice stack of skulls, but showing that would entail standing up and going to take a picture.  So I'll post them next time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Somehow a month managed to slip by.  In mid-late August I was working at summer camps--for some reason, after being outside all day long in the 100+ degree weather with a bunch of kids I just didn't feel like doing much of anything in the evening--go figure.

Then, without a break, the new term started.  I really had meant to get a few lectures done in advance--but see the previous paragraph about being in the heat with kids all day; No brain left in the evening.

So what have I done in the last month (besides summer camp and teaching)

Well--I now have five squirrels. Remember this one?  Well, she grew up.

I made the skirt out of the fancy handwoven fabric (on the dressmaker dummy because it was hard to wear it it and take a picture at the same time.

And a friend saw my skeleton gloves and wanted a pair, so these have been produced.

And some other bits and pieces--now we're knee-deep in making Halloween props, so those will appear soon--hopefully in less than a month.