Thursday, May 5, 2016

Strange Looking Little Friend

I got an extra bonus at work today (and so did two groups of schoolkids).  I was giving a tour of the farm at the museum, and had just gotten to the farmhouse where I would trade my group for another one.  I saw . . . something . . . walking between the farmhouse and the fence.  Suddenly I realized it was a young armadillo--and just as I called the kids' attention to it and told them to stand back, I realized it was a *very* young armadillo.  A baby way too young to be away from his mama.  So both tours got interrupted while I scooped the little guy up, the other tour guide found a box, and we called the animal department to come rescue him.

After the tour I went to visit him--after all, finder's keeper's, right???  So he came home with me.  Truth to say, it's only for tonight.  There's a proper animal rehabber who has a litter and much as I would love to raise him he'd be better off with little buddies.

He's quite cute, in a strange reptilian sort of way.  Glad I got him, if only for a little while.