Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabinet of Curiosities

Another Halloween has come and gone.  Sigh . . .

This year, Jeff and Rob and Bob and I (with brother Mike dragged in at the last minute--I always work him on his visits) banded together to decorate the schoolhouse at the Museum as as "Dr. R. Cane's Cabinet of Curiosities."  What a blast!  The musuem loaned us display cases (which gave an air of authenticity to the whole thing).  We also had taxidermidied animals and casts of skulls of prehistoric animals,along with props that we had made,  so we had a collection of real and artificial artifacts.  We had hundreds of people come through without a single negative comment.  On the contrary--many people thought we were a real museum exhibit (some asked permission before taking photographs), or a professional travelling show.  We often got compared to "Oddities" or "Ripley's Believe it or Not".  We all acted as museum docents, and just made up stories about the "artifacts" (I wonder if anyone going through for a second or third time noticed that they got different stories.  I got the ultimate compliment--one woman was disturbed enough by my Peruvian mummy that Mike had to finally let her know that he was a fake.

and now--back to normal . . .

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