Sunday, March 14, 2010


Got our exercise today--started dismantling the downed trees. This might take awhile--there is likely a ton or two of branches and wood to deal with--a tree two feet across and over 50 feet high is no lightweight--and we had a half-dozen of them taken down (some, fortunately, were smaller). The process is to trim and lop away branches and brush until you can get a clean shot with the chain saw. Branches piled up for eventual burning, and potential firewood cut and stacked. Hard work, but also satisfying.

Here's a shot of Bob on the trunk of one tree, with half the top of the tree behind him. We cleared away the other half today. The picture really doesn't show what a huge pile it is.

And have I mentioned that I really dislike time changes? Especially Spring Forward--my body will be telling me that the alarm is going off 5:30 in the morning, no matter what the clock says. Argh.

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