Friday, March 12, 2010

Arrrrghh!! Threading the Loom

Got the fancy painted warp on the loom--alternating light and dark stripes. I counted the threads. Everyone one of them. More than once. So why were two of the light stripes so much wider than they had to be, and why was one so skinny?? Can't even call it creative design. Nothing to do for it but to pull them all out and rethread--about a three-hour job. But as long as I was at it, I decided that the stripes were too wide so I split them up, and it does look better. This is addictive to weave because the colors keep changing.

Here's the old warp, with striping problems, and the new skinny striped one.

Meanwhile, Bob just hid in his room to avoid my excessive cursing, and consoled himself with his model. He is getting really good with the airbrushing--it takes many many layers of paint to get the worn look.

Critter du Jour: Thought I'd show off the other members of the household, starting with Kippie. Her feral mother thought having babies in a barrel at a hazardous waste site was a good idea. We couldn't catch Mom, but we rescued and bottle-raised the kittens. Two went to a friend, and Kip (Kipling--I was working in the English department at the time and the kittens went in with me) stayed with us. Even though we got her one of those fancy cat water fountains and put it on the bathroom counter, she still prefers to drink from the faucet, and insists on sharing the sink with me in the morning (that's not exactly accurate--she'd rather not share) She's almost 19 now--the left eye looks a little weepy because she's developed a bone tumor on her cheek. Sometimes I just don't get it--I bottle raised that kitten--how could she possibly be old?? Mom probably feels the same way about her little babies facing their 60th birthdays (Mike gets to go first). But she's still the undisputed head of the household, and on weekends proves the saying "there is no snooze button on a hungry cat."

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