Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spent most of the last couple of days watching a couple of guys take down some trees in our yard. Two were big diseased pines, and the rest were oaks that were rubbing up against Chez Wicca and/or leaning over the barn. I was expecting a team with a cherry picker and heavy equipment. Instead--it was the two guys with a chainsaw and some rope. And a lot of skill. Fascinating to watch, but made me nervous all the same. If you look closely you can see the climber up in the tree. First he would tie off the branches, then cut and lower them. Finally, when the tree was bare it would be dropped with an impressive thud.

Of course, now we have downed branches and trees to clean up. Save me from having to go the the gym to exercise.

While I had the camera out I shot a picture of our guardian dragon and his little yellow spring flower.

Meanwhile, I'm working on my next weaving project. I wound a mixed warp of smooth and textured yarns and painted them with dyes--one set in bright clear colors and one in darker ones. I'll put them on the loom in stripes. I have them on the loom now, but need to thread them. Here's the before and after shots of the warp dyeing:

Time to feed squirrels and go to bed. I might be on spring break, but Bob isn't and that alarm still goes off early. (some of the text spacing on this is a little strange--I'm still learning how to use this program.

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