Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Cleanup Continues

After I had my workroom looking so nice, I decided not to rest on my laurels but rather to tackle the sewing room.  And no--I don't have any "before" pictures.  Too embarrassing.  Piles of leftover Halloween projects on the table, piles of fabric on the floor--actually difficult to walk into the room.  Costumes and props got put back into the closet (honesty forces me to say "thrown into the closet and that, too, will get cleaned out someday).  Then I tackled the fabric.  I had something like 15 storage bins of fabric, three shelves full, and a bunch on the floor that didn't fit into either space (at least it was on the floor on top of the bins under the table so I wasn't walking on it).  In the past I have folded fabric and put it into the bins--the problem there is that when you need something that's on the bottom all the stuff on top gets messed up.  So I opted to neatly roll and tie everything.

That's part of one bin.  I actually did this for all 15 bins plus the floor and shelf stuff.  The next step would have been to then sort the fabrics into categories and return them to bins.  Instead--I called a sewing friend, asked her to grab a couple more sewing people, and invited them over for a stash dive.  The more they took home, the less I had to put away.  Win-win all around.  I rearranged the room a bit, moved in some more shelves, and voila!

Look down--there's a FLOOR in this room.  I hadn't see that for quite some time. 
And yes--that's a coffin for a bookshelf.  We had asked a friend to make a coffin for the Halloween trail.  Never ask a carpenter to make a prop--he made such a nice one that we thought it would be a shame to leave it outside (there's not much storage space inside at the Museum) so we made it into a bookshelf.
There is a downside to having a sewing room this neat.  I was celebrating having this onerous task done by doing some needed re-working to a blouse I made a couple of years ago.  Well, when one threads a sewing machine, it's wise to do a small sample of stitching just to be sure that everything is sewing properly.  Normally I just grab a piece of whatever is lying nearest on the floor.  But at this point THERE WASN'T A DARN SCRAP OF FABRIC ANYWHERE!  I had to get up and go to the bin labeled "misc. cottons" and dig something out.  I know, I know.  Life is hard.
Pictures of a clean room not really being that exciting, here are a couple more random ones.  First, one of Bob's latest models.  The cool thing here is not so much the dinosaur but the trees.

That's the inside of pine cones after the squirrels have finished chewing on them, topped with dried chive blossoms.  Very Jurassic, don't you think?
And finally--the joys of an unmade bed.
Which is looking pretty good to me as well.  Think I'll go join him.

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