Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day of Art

I often think of Tallahassee as being a rather nice town, but a somewhat conservative one, even with all the college students around.  But sometimes I realize that there is side that I rarely see (possibly because, as the saying goes, "we don't get out much").  So we had an Art Saturday.

We found out that there was going to be an "Alt" con--a meetup for geeks.  We wandered through tables of writers, artists, costumers, bumping into various pirates, Dr. Who's, Star Wars Storm Troopers, and a lot of characters I didn't recognize but were impressive anyway.

It was, shall we say, "different."  But fun.  Maybe we'll even dress up next year.  Although we're old-school nerds--we're good for Star Wars and Star Trek and Dr. Who, but I wouldn't recognize characters from Game of Thrones or the Avengers (the new ones--not John Stead and Mrs. Peel)
Then we went to a gallery showing of Linda Hall, a local artist whose work I admire (possibly because it can make me a bit uncomfortable).  Her work is striking from a distance, but then as you look closer you see all the details and embellishments.  A lot of her work is made with recycled elements, particularly old quilts.


While I like to make stuff, I don't think I could every officially be an "artist."  I'm no good at artist statements.  And I think they can be overdone.  There was one piece (that apparently I didn't photograph but was vaguely dog-shaped) which gave me a little twist when I read "inspired by the neglected dog chained near my studio."  By the fourth or fifth piece dedicated to that dog, I have to admit that I was thinking that the dog might appreciate a bowl of food or maybe a call to the SPCA more than the artwork.  But that's just my practical side.  I still like her stuff.

Back home, our art is a little more practical--like Bob's garden.  We are eating a lot of greens these days--it's getting warmer and they'll bolt soon.

And this is just a model I made, showing how the scales on a snake's belly works (recycled Venetian blinds).  Smooth one direction, then catch in the other.

And finally, one of our own precious pieces of art, Noko Marie.  She has discovered that the modem for the TV is nice and warm.  Of course, this renders all of our remotes useless because she's blocking the receivers.  We really don't need to change channels anyway, right?

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