Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Wilhelm!

The new kitten went through a few potential names.  We really wanted to call him Prospero (as in "The Tempest").  But it just didn't stick.  We auditioned a few others (He was almost Stormageddon).    He is now Wilhelm.  The rationale is a little circuitous but here goes:

Think of any movie/TV show where there's a certain amount of chaos--say, a car goes out of control and crashes into an alley, and among the crashing of garbage cans and breaking glass there will be a cat's indignant "yrowl!"  The new kitten is very good at making that exact sound--good set of lungs for such a little guy.

Now think of any movie/TV show where someone gets shot off of a horse, or thrown out a window, or falls off a cliff.  There is very characteristic scream--so much so that it has it's own name--directors can just annotate a script with "Wilhelm scream here".  Listen to the "Wilhelm Scream Compilation" on youtube if you want to see how ubiquitous it is.

So by extrapolation, the cat "yrowl" is called a "Cat Wilhelm".

Told you it was circuitous.

It's hard to take pictures--he's a moving target.

And he keeps up his energy by being very focused when it comes to mealtime.

I have to enjoy this extreme cuteness while it lasts--he's growing so fast.  He was 10 ounces when we got him last Wednesday.  A week later and he's up to 15!

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