Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wedding Daze

A few months ago I posted a picture of my friend Gill's motorcycle with sidecar that she got in lieu of an engagement ring.  This last Friday she went a bit more traditional and got a diamond ring at her (and Jim's) wedding.

The wedding itself was not quite so traditional.  A small group gathered in the back yard, and the bride rode in on the motorcycle with the best man (Max) in the side car.    When the time came to exchange rings, Max dutifully did a "sit, stay" while his collar was taken off and the rings removed from the pouch. (I like how the shaft of sunlight is shining down on Gill, as though giving the Benediction for Above)

It was the sort of wedding I really enjoy.  Short, sweet, personal.  Small enough group that we all went out to dinner afterwards.

The reception, held the next day, was a little different  (and I forgot the camera).  Gill is usually a completely practical, down-to-earth sort of woman.  But (and I know she can read this) she went a little doolally for the reception, held at the museum, 200 guests.  For one--it was an English themed reception, which called for imported food.  Apparently no one in Tallahassee can bake a proper meat pie, so she and Jim had to drive to Orlando (about a 10-12 hour round trip) to pick up 300  meat pies (different flavors, from steak and Guiness to vegetarian to classic steak-and-kidney).  Kegs of Boddington's beer.  Ribena (black current syrup) and 7-up.  It was when the ice-cream truck drove up . . . .

There is a British treat called a "99" (costs 99 pence) which is a soft-serve cone with a stick of flakey chocolate.  Considering that 99 also just about described the temperature that day, it was quite popular.

So it was a bit over the top--but who wants under the top?   Congratulations, you two.  Love you both.

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