Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saved From the Storm

OK--I'm overdue on some posts.  Even went to a fiber festival last weekend but haven't written about it yet.   The tiny chicks are now half-grown chickens.

But here's one for today--I'll catch up later.  Today, it rained.  Not as bad as in Pensacola to the west of us (2 feet of rain!) but still a bit on the torrential side.  We debated wimping out and not going in (practicing for retirement).  But we both had some work to do, and we did take off a couple of days last week, so we girded our loins (aka donned rain jackets) and nobly headed off into the storm.

So it was meant to be.  Apparently Bob has a reputation, because he got a call from someone he didn't even know because someone in their office had found a wee kitten stuck in the storm drain.  He's about two and a half weeks old.  For all he's been through he's in pretty good shape.

Looks like it will be 2 a.m. feedings for awhile.

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