Monday, February 11, 2013

Fussy Work

I've mentioned that I'm working with the Goodwood Plantation on an exhibit they're doing as a fundraiser.  One of the dresses they want to display is a lace wedding gown.  When we were looking at it, we noticed a few holes in the lace.  I said that I'd reinforce them before we used the dress.

When I laid the dress out and started studying it,  There were more than a few holes.  The button band was torn along its entire length, and the back between the collar and shoulder was rather shredded.

Needless to say, this is fussy work--the trick is to put a piece of fine nylon net (tulle) under the tear, and then gently tack the lace to to tulle.  Problem is--as soon as you put the tulle under the lace, the hole disappears.  You have to gently rub a fingernail under the edge of the fabric to feel where the tear is as you sew.

But a few hours later I'm almost finished, and have to say that I'm quite pleased--I've managed to make the tears disappear.

Thank goodness for clamp-on lights and magnifying glasses!

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