Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Events

The year is cyclic--so I find myself posting about the same thing as last year.  For one--Jax Con.  This is the scale model convention held in February in Jacksonville.

I end up being useful.  Bob and some of the other members of the club tend to collect models--and realize they're never going to build some of them.  So this is a good time to sell off some of them.  But the problem is that they'd rather spend the day walking around looking at all of the models on display.  That's where I come in.  They look around, and I man the sales table.  I get Good Wife points--and get some knitting done.

There was both good and bad news for Bob.  There was a lot of good competition this year--it really makes the show more interesting.  But it was the first year he entered that he didn't bring home a first place (but did get two seconds and two thirds, so it was still a good show).

Last Saturday was the Matinee of the Arts at the Museum.  I had originally been scheduled to work at a program that evening at the Museum so I wasn't scheduled to work during the day.  The evening program was cancelled, but I opted not to work anyway.  I've worked (demonstrating spinning on the porch) at the matinee for years--which means that I had never actually seen it.  In theory, I could take a break and wander around.  In practice--kids will treat a spinning wheel like a jungle gym.  So we met up with Rob and Jeff and enjoyed ourselves.  Local artists had a display of sketches from around the museum, there was live music, the animals, a friend demonstrating scrimshaw, jugglers, a wandering barbershop quartet.

After lunch, we went to the fairgrounds for the alpaca show.  We've been several times--but alpacas are just so freakin' cute that we'll go every time they're in town.  So far I've resisted bringing one home with me . . .

And now the obligatory cat photo.  We had tossed some laundry in a chair, and Fiona, RiverSong and Noko Marie liked it.  Fiona is the queen cat, now about 14 years old, and has never really acknowledged the presence of other cats in the household.  But, surprisingly, she has really enjoyed the kittens.

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