Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finishing January

OK--so it's February 10 and I'm still finishing January.  Shoot me.

Got some yard art.  I wanted a bird bath for the butterfly garden, and found the perfect one.  The cement looked a little raw so I brushed some wood stain onto it.

I've tagged this "Radagst" after Radagat the Brown, who is alluded to in Lord of the
Rings but never actually appears.  He's a wizard who prefers to live in the woods with the animals than bother about all the fighting between the bad guys and the good guys.  I always pictured him as a cross between a wizard and St. Francis.  So you can imagine my *huge* disappointment when I saw "The Hobbit" and found that this was how they portrayed Radagast:

Yes--that's bird crap on his face.  And he has a sled pulled by magic bunnies.  Sometime film adaptations go too far .  . .

Was able to get the workshop pictures.  This is the fabric dyed with rust.

And some of my band weaving

Margo was complaining about the lack of kitten pictures.  It's hard to get the little furballs to hold still--but here they are:

Stay tuned for February--hopefully before March!

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