Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother and Daughter and Various Projects

These posts are always in chronological order.  Sometimes I find pictures that I haven't written about yet.  Mom thought she escaped being in this blog--but here she is.  It's been a while since we wore matching mother-daughter outfits.

There's a story behind the peacock skirts.  Several years ago, my friend Jed bought a bolt of it, and we were designing an elaborate costume robe for him.  And then he up and died on me before we made it.  So this fabric has been hanging around since then, making me sad when I saw it.

Well, I see no reason for keeping something around that makes me sad . . . and it was pretty.  Thus, my skirt.  I knew that Mom would try to steal it as soon as she saw it--hence, her skirt.  Might as well pick up matching T-shirts while I'm at it.  Now the peacock skirts make me happy.  Much better..

Some other sewing was requested.  Chris (of Florida Wild Mammal Association, aka She Who Gives Me Baby Animals) wanted some hanging pet beds.  They're even convertable--they can be a bed or a hammock.  As you can see, time has not improved the attitude of my little possums.  Often when I raise the babies, it gives me a real pang to open the door and let them go into the world. Other times--not so much.

And now I'm beginning A Big Project.  Several years ago, when we repainted the bedroom, we painted the ceiling as well as the walls.  It didn't turn out too well--the popcorn texture was hard to paint evenly, and the one coat we put on was such a pain in the backside that we said the heck with a second coat.  So we've been living with a blotchy ceiling and from time to time thinking that we should do something about it--but quite frankly it didn't bother me enough to actually get to it.  Until this past spring.  Our roof sprung a leak, and before we could get the roof replaced part of the bedroom ceiling had fallen in.  Now, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to home decor, but a blotchy paint job with a black plastic bag taped over a hole is a bit much even for me.

What I really love is pressed tin ceilings (or, to be specific, pressed copper).  Y'know--you only live once, and it's only one room, so why not?  I'll tell you why not.  $1000+ for one room is just a bit much.  So I'm faking it.  We bought some thin plywood, some textured wallpaper, and some copper paint, and we're making ceiling panels. It's a bit involved.  To start with, wallpaper comes in 20.5" wide rolls.  If it were 2 feet wide, the sheets of plywood could have just been cut in half.  But instead Bob had to cut 41" squares for me.  Then they had to be primed, papered, and the base coat painted on.  I've gotten that far.  I'm working in my little cottage (to avoid cat paw prints in the paint which would happen if I worked in the barn) so there's a bit of wrestling to find enough space to lean all the panels.  And they got wrestled once for the primer, again for the paper, again for the paint.  I'm getting sore.  Stay tuned.

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