Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Had a short vacation this past weekend.  I live mini-cations--they don't require the planning and packing (and major expense) of a "real" vacation--it's just a short time to get away.

Actually, I wrote all about this one a year ago--things to tend to be cyclic.  It was again time for the annual "Scott Con" model convention in Warner-Robbins, Georgia.  You can read all about it in my June 4, 2011 entry.  As in last year, we opted to splurge for a hotel rather than daytrip (which would mean leaving the house about 5:00 a.m. and getting back at 10:00 p.m.)

It's good to have enforced idleness once in awhile.  We got there Friday afternoon, got set up (Bob got a sales table to try to sell of some unwanted models), and checked in.  And that was that.  Even when you're taking it easy and goofing off at home, there's always that little nagging knowledge that *something* could use doing--laundry, or cleaning out an overcrowded drawer or paying a bill.  Suddenly, that's all gone.  We don't have smart phones and I didn't bring the laptop, so no email or computer games.  Just time for a swim, and some dreaming (like planning to have a small lap pool put in--it would be so nice to come home tired and take a swim instead of plopping in front of the TV--it might happen).   Then a walk over to the Vietnamese restaurant for a bowl of pho (pronounced "fah")--hot brothy fragrent noodle soup that is impossible to eat quickly.

Alas--I did forget to bring my book, but I did have my knitting, and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was on TV--the original one (Sorry, Johnny Depp---I love you but Gene Wilder was *much* better as Willy Wonka).

The model convention the next day was rather long for me--I was manning the sale table, and nothing was selling (I think I sold 6 or 7 models all day.)  I knit until I got bored, then spun for awhile--looked around and hummed.  But I have to admit that the hanger is a great place to have a model show.  Bob kept himself occupied by being one of the judges.

And, of course, he came home with a couple of more first place ribbons to add to his collection (sorry for the poor picture--must set up and take some decent ones.

And how do two people with five cats (one a new kitten), a dozen chickens (one that needs medication), peacocks, a flying squirrel, and young opossums manage to get away even for a weekend?  By having a couple of very dear friends who not only come out and take care of everything, but had carrot cake waiting for us when we came home (and pancake mix and bacon for the next morning).  So here's public shout-out of gratitude to Rob and Jeff--you guys are the best of friends.

And here's a final picture for Margo--RiverSong helping me with the computer (she likes to chase the cursor).  It's amazing how fast she is growing--she's going to be a great cat.

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