Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy cats and Swings

Cats love cardboard boxes.  Cats love paper bags.  Pookha found a box inside of a paper bag--kitty heaven!

The seat of our old garden swing was finally falling 
apart.  When we created the butterfly garden last year, we talked about getting a new wooden swing for it.  Problem is--the old swing was a padded sling and *very* comfortable.  Couldn't find another one like it.  It finally split open completely and something had to be done.  So I bought some outdoor fabric and padded, took the old one apart, and figured out how to make it.  It was really a simple pattern, but slightly awkward because of using large stiff pieces of fabric.  When it came to the last seam (which enclosed the padded seat) I realized that there was no way to get it under the pressure foot of my sewing machine.  Hand sewing to the rescue.  We have our new swing!  Sitting in the butterfly garden is my favorite place to read (at least for now.  When the temps get in the 90's . . . . .

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