Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Catching Up

Oops!  A couple of weeks have slipped by--and I'd been being so good about posting.  So . . . to catch up.

April 6--Happy Birthday, Mom!!  No--no pictures of the birthday girl (she wouldn't let me) and I'm sure as hell not going to say which birthday this was.  I did take champagne and make my now-famous shrimp and grits.  And a double fudge cake courtesy of Mrs. Publix.

The "woodland elf" fabric became a bathrobe for my father (although I don't think of him as a woodland elf at all, the fabric was both elegant and colorful, and that describes him as well.

I participated and survived a zumba marathon (fundraiser for the American Heart Association).  Two hours of hard working out--I have to admit that the last 20 minutes was a little rough.  No pictures--too busy dancing.

I spent the weekend at a weaving workshop (don't look for me in the picture--I was the one behind the camera).  The theme was "extreme warp makeover."  Normally you thread a loom and weave one pattern of fabric with that threading.  We did about a dozen different fabrics.  I was even able to make some corduroy by weaving some floats (long strands of yarn) and cutting them open (I only cut half so it would show.)

And more springtime (sorry that text and pictures are being in wonky places--blogger is not cooperating and it's past my bedtime so I won't find it).  Our butterfly garden is beginning to bloom--and we got our first sweet pea blossom.

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