Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fiber and Zumba!

Spring break was this week--but I went in to campus anyway.  Three of us "borrowed" the textile lab so I  could show them how to make felt scarves.  Compared to spinning and knitting or weaving, felt is instant gratification.  You just lay it out on a piece of bubble wrap, roll it up, and rub it for awhile.  Here's Wanda and Nancy with their scarves.  Note that I'm not showing mine.  I thought I'd go outside my comfort zone and away from my earth-tone colors and did one with a yellow base and red and blue decorations on one side and orange swirls on the other.  It was . . . not attractive.  Later  I went to a spin-in at the local knit shop (Really Knit Stuff) for an evening of spinning, nibbling, and talking.

Tonight I started a Zumba class (the latest version of Dancercize)  On the plus side--I still have the stamina and rhythm to make it through an active hour-long class.  On the other hand--thank goodness for hot showers, Tylenol, and Aspercreme!

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