Sunday, March 6, 2011


I wrestled the "woodland elf" warp (see earlier post) onto the loom--it didn't cooperate very nicely but I eventually won the battle and the weaving is going well.

I'm getting together with some friends tomorrow to show them how to make felt scarves.  Of course I'm supplying the wool--white can be dull so I dyed it.  No decision making on the color choices--I had some dyes I had mixed up for a project some time back (can't even remember what for--maybe a dye workshop), so this was a way of doing housekeeping by using them up. 

No matter what I do, Mother Nature can beat me.  Our little peach tree is in bloom now (may or may not get peaches--usually it puts out one or two and the squirrels beat us to them).   And, of course, nothing can beat the beauty of a peacock--although in this particular case Bob does often want to beat the peacock.  Babs (dumb name, I know--he was the last one we hatched and hence the baby of the group) has imprinted on me.  He enjoys being scratched--and he tends to be a bit fixated on my feet (the other birds give him the "Oh dude, that is so wrong" look).  However, he violently attacks Bob, and will even attack the car if Bob is in it.  He's even ripped his way through the screen on the front porch to get to him.  We often ponder medieval recipes for roasted peacock . . .

I'm going to a spin-in tomorrow evening--and saw a comment on-line that "those spinners sure bring great snacks!"  Oops--better come up with a snack--and it's not my style to just pick up something from the grocery store.  On the other hand--I'm limited to what I have on hand because I didn't want to drive into town.  I had seen a recipe for caramel corn that also had cranberries in it--that sounded pretty good.  Alas--no cranberries in the house.  So I made a tropical caramel corn--dried papaya (yeah--no cranberries but I did have papaya--go figure), crystalized ginger, a bit of chopped candied lemon, and sea salt.

We ate most of it while watching a movie this afternoon--at least I saved some to take tomorrow.

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