Monday, January 31, 2011

Road Trip!

Bob's birthday was this week, so we decided on a little road trip to Albany.  There's a very nice zoo/wildlife park there.  I've been there before, but with a group of summer camp kids. 

When we got into town, we saw a sign for the Flint Riverquarium, and decided to hit that first.  What an amazing find!  It's a gorgeous site with beautiful displays.  And I never knew that sturgeon could live in this area.

Like most museums, this one is designed for kids, and who said there's an age limit on being a kid?  The tunnel led around to various back views of the displays, plus a chance to be a display yourself.

We did eventually go on to Chehaw Wildlife Park.  On a weekday, in winter--we had it almost to ourselves.  Much more peaceful than herding a group of kids on a hot summer day.  It was chilly, but sunny, and the alligators were all taking naps.  What is slightly unnerving is that I was not using a zoom to take this picture.  I did use the zoom on the big toothy guy--don't want to get too close to that!

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