Monday, January 17, 2011

So much for resolutions

But I am at least posting again . . .

Since last post:  Went to a old-fashioned soda fountain in town and were lucky enough to be there when the owner got in three antique (late 1800's) candy cutting machines.  They're lovely display pieces in their own right, but they also work.  Later that afternoon we watched old-fashioned hard candies being made and cut with them.  The Victorians were so cool about having everything be over-decorative.

I've had the bad luck to come down with tinnitus.  This just means that I have a constant loud shrilling in my ears--it's enough to drive one totally batty.  Alas--moden western medicine has no solution beyond "try to drown it out with a radio".  So it's time for alternative solutions.  So far I'm taking vitamin B complex, drinking water with concentrated cholorphyll in it, and tryin acupunction.  But the real sign of desperation is that I am walking around with radish seeds taped to my ears.  In theory this is to apply pressure to acupressure points.  But it does make me feel like I've gone off the deep end.
Bob's been doing some amazing work on his models.  I felt it was a shame that documention consisted of, at best, putting it on a table and snapping a picture.  So I rigged up a mini-shooting studio (and, of course, didn't get a picture of that) with a clear plastic storage box and several clamp-on lights.  Must say that for a first try, the results aren't bad.  Going to have to talk Brother Michael into doing something similar for his woodturned pieces.

And I've woven a couple of scarves.  The black-and-white one is handspun alpaca for Bob (there's a picture of it on the loom in an earlier post) and the copper-and-green  one is rayon chenille for me.

So see?  I have been busy.  So there

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