Monday, February 7, 2011

And the Winner Is . . . .

There was a regional scale model conference in Jacksonville this weekend.  Bob has gone in previous years to help improve the finances of the vendors, but he has never entered anything for the competition.  This year his model club buddies and I talked him into entering.  Two models = two first place.  Not bad, no?
This one  (to the left) was scratch built--meaning not from a kit.  Bits and pieces of various kits, odds scraps, maybe plastic from a credit card.   The next picture shows the setup I used to take these pictures.  It's really pretty simple--a plastic storage box, a piece of paper inside of it, and a couple of clamp-on-lights (and one gooseneck.  Use what ya got).  You need the daylight light bulbs.  Are you listening, Michael?  (My brother makes the most amazing woodworking pieces, but pictures are taken just sitting on the dining room table)

So how does one prepare for an ordeal such as this?  With a nap, of course.  Helps if you have a few friends to join you (they're really not quite that demonic.  Apparently "fix red eye" does not work on cat eye shine from the flash.

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