Saturday, August 8, 2015


Had a little delay in my blog writing.  We had a heck of a storm last night--including one strike where the lightening and the crack of thunder happened almost simultaneously.  We yelped and the lights went out.  Then we noticed that not everything was out--some of the other rooms had light.  We checked the circuit breaker and a lot of the breakers were popped.  Turned them back on and all was well.

Then I was going to check my email this morning and no internet.  Looked at the modem and it was dead--made note to call Comcast. (When Bob picked up the modem later, we could hear parts of it rattling around inside.  It really got fried).  When I walked outside, I was puzzled to see a fresh split piece of wood lying on the ground.

There were several of these scattered around.  I looked where they were denser, and then spotted the tree that got hit.

It's a little uncomfortably close to the house.

Here's the hole where the lightening exited--with the smoke mark on the tree and the little hollow of charcoal.

So we spent today going to town for a new modem and the requisite hour or two on the phone to get it to work.  Now I can go back to writing about Italy.

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