Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to Normal

Hard to believe that we've been back a couple of weeks and change.  Back to normal after wandering the stomping grounds of Spartacus and looking into the crater of Mt. Vesuvius.

So--normal for us.  Just before we left, I finished building a hawk box for Ella (the museum's red-tailed hawk).  It's been difficult to box train her because she really fights the standard hawk box where you put them in backwards onto a perch.  She then throws herself backwards and gets stuck behind the perch, and there you are, trying to get her out without a)hurting her, and b) getting taloned.  So I made one that opens from the side.  It's still a fuss getting her in and out, but much easier.  Now we can take her out on programs.

And being as it's that time of year, I have some baby squirrels.  I forgot to take pictures of them a couple of weeks ago when they were fairly quiet--now their eyes are open and they're pretty active, yielding blurry pictures.  But here's little Stumpy--a cat got hold of him, so he's missing his tail.  So far it doesn't seem to slow him down.

Squirrels aren't the only critters we brought home

Aren't they beautiful?  Those are the same little foxes that I had in the blog a couple of months ago.  As soon as I finish writing this, I have to go open the cage and let them go  :-(   Hopefully they'll stick around and let me feed them while they're learning how to catch their own. 

Being as it's now August, we need to get cracking on Halloween.  My scene this year is going to include a cabinet of curiosities, and I decided I needed a display shelf for my oddities.  As usual, when we're making props and displays, we just look around and see what they have.  What I found were a couple of old foam core presentation boards that my students never picked up.  With a little cutting, hot glue, duct tape, tissue paper, and paint, it will serve the purpose.  Now I have to make some oddities.

(oops--cut off the head of the blackbird that's perched on it)

Bob, meanwhile, is making displays inspired by the Fontanelle ossuary that we visited.  Pictures to come.

Finally--we had a wedding anniversary--number 42!!!!  We decided that 42 is the Power Tool anniversary, and bought ourselves a sliding compound miter saw (yes--we are the wild ones).

Ain't that a beauty?  And it's not just for Bob.  We have an old chop saw, but I can't use it.  The safety switch (which must be held down) is in such an awkward position that I have to use both hands to run it--one to hold down the switch and one to pull down the handle.  That doesn't leave a hand to hold whatever I'm cutting.  Bob's hands are bigger and stronger so he can use it--that means anytime I need to cut something, I have to go get him.  I never was good at the "helpless female" thing--hence, the new toy.

And now it's late--I have to go open the foxes cage (the release is always so difficult) and then come search the guest room because there's a flying squirrel (Delbert) hiding in there somewhere.

As I said--life is back to normal.

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