Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Springtime Babies

It's spring, and babies are popping out all over.

RiverSong continues to be impossibly adorable (a short phase, we know, so we're enjoying while it lasts.  Fiona is not amused.

My animal rehabber friend passed a couple of litters of opossums to me to raise (along with Miss Hissy Boo).  Many times little possums are sweet and friendly little guys.  This time--not so much.  It will not break my heart when it's time to release this group.

And remember those tiny little grubby baby wrens from a post or two ago?  Here they are, about 10 days later.  Takes a lot of bugs to do this (especially with 5 babies this year--the parents are back and forth with bugs and caterpillers about every 10 minutes from dawn til dusk)

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