Tuesday, May 8, 2012

School's Out!!

I survived another term!  Of course the last week is crazy with all of the grading, dealing with any last minute problems, and getting everything tidied up and posted.  Then came some whirlwind housekeeping (rather neglected due to work, and because for awhile neither Bob's feet nor my back were on speaking terms with us so evenings were spent mostly sitting) because Mike and Margo (brother and sister-in-law) were coming for a visit.

That was a hoot--and no pictures.  Well--it was mostly non-stop talking, either here or visiting the parents.  I did take the camera on the last day, but Mom got tired after the pizza and went to take a nap.  We thought about taking a group picture around her snoozing form, but some of us want to live awhile longer . . .   And I was glad that we didn't have the camera when we met Jeff and Rob for dinner because there was enough teasing that Jeff and I ended up in tearful hysterics (the rest of the table restrained themselves to giggle fits).

Now Mike and Margo are back in Boston--gotta admit it--I miss them.

But here are a few other pictures. The first two are my lab students on tie-dye day (they have to learn about dyeing but might as well have some fun, especially since it's towards the end of the term)

And a finished scarf of mine.  This is a strange yarn--75%wool, 25% stainless steel.  Yep--a *very* thin steel wire wrapped in wool.  Wonky to work with--there is, of course, no stretch to the yarn at all.  The final product is fun to play with--if I want it long and thin, I can pull it.  If I want it short and fat, I can tug it the other way.   If I want a fancy edging, I just pinch it into place.  I might have to get some more of this to play with.  I couldn't get a clear picture--perhaps because it is so gauzy.  The scarf weighs a little under 1/2 ounce.

And this little project was found by a neighbor of Rob and Jeff's--I've had her almost two weeks, but she still earns her name of Hissy Boo (some possums are friendly--others, not so much.  But she's cute)

Not all projects are mine.  Michael brought me a handspindle that he made.  The important part is the fancy bit of carving in the middle--first he had to build the machine to build the machine to do the rosette carving.

But the prize for a work-in-progress goes to the little Carolina wrens who have built a nest on our back porch.  The parents are bringing food about every 15 minutes from dawn to dusk to feed those gaping mouths.  These little guys are only a couple of days old.  Unbelievably, in about two weeks they will fly off.

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  1. I happen to know someone who lives way up by the North Sea that would love a wool/stainless steel scarf! Her favorite color is green. =) *wink wink*

    I can't believe the wrens! They are tiny!