Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting Occupations

I am sitting here, trying to write an exam.  More appropriately, avoiding writing an exam.  There has to be an easier way of making a living. 

On my bulletin board I have a page from my calendar that a friend gave me--forgotten English words and interesting trivia.  In 1881, residents taking a census in Britain were asked to furnish their occupations.  Some of them included:

Colourist of artificial fish
Proprietor of midgets
Fifty-two years an imbecile
Turnip shepherd
Fatuous pauper
Running about

Some of them apply to me--others are appealing.  At the moment, the life of a turnip-shepherd has a certain calming appeal to it  . . .

And Amanda came through with the Easter picture.  I notice that in every family picture Della has a stranglehold on Dane.  That will get tricky soon when he's a foot or two taller.

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