Sunday, April 15, 2012


Appropriately for the Easter season, our little crippled hen who lives on our back deck went broody.  For those of you who don't live with chickens, "going broody" means that they want to clamp down on a nest and wait for baby chicks.  In Cassidy's case (yep--she's got a wonky leg and thus got tagged "Hopalong Cassidy) she decided to move into Squirrel Timmy's sleeping cage and scream at anything that came by while defending non-existent eggs--and poor Timmy had to find someplace else to sleep.

Normally a broody hen will get over it in about three weeks if nothing happens, but Cassidy had been broody about about two months.  We thought about letting her hatch out some eggs--but you can't sex an egg, and we don't want any more roosters.  So we went to the feed store and bought her a present.   Three little presents, actually.  She was confused for a little while (in her tiny chicken mind she probably thought things like eggs and hatching should have happened) but the little ones immediately went snuggling under her feathers so she decided what the heck.  So she is happy and the chicks are happy and all is well in their little chicken world.

We went to the beach for Easter Sunday.  Amanda and Dane had flown in to visit Della for a week.  So we did the usual things--ate too much, went to the beach to build a sand castle with Dane, had an Easter Egg hunt (with Dane hiding the eggs and Bob and I doing to hunting--and he declared it would just be Bob and I with no help from Della, Don, or Amanda).  And now I realize that any pictures taken were with someone else's camera--will have to ask for them.  But I did catch Bob taking a nap with Jack, who is Della's (used to be Amanda's) proper dog-sized dog.

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