Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tale of Two Capes

OK--this time it's not my fault that it's been a bit since the last entry.  Internet at the house has been pretty iffy, and it took so long to load a picture that it would time out.  Turns out that squirrels have been chewing our cable line.

So will start by talking about capes.  Our neice Amanda has been taking full advantage of living in the middle of Europe.  Next month, she and a friend are going to the Carnival--in Venice!  (how jealous am I?).  And they wanted fancy capes to wear--purple.  And where does one get a fancy cape or two?  Why, ask Aunt Ann, of course!

Being as I was flattered at being asked--and I think it's cool that something I make will be going to Italy even if I'm not, of course I did it.   And I wasn't about to settle for "gather fabric on a drawstring and add a hood."  No siree.  Gotta be fancy.

So cape one is silver sequins, with a purple yoke and hood, and inset purple godets.

Cape two fell into the category of "what was I thinking?" (companion to "it seemed a good idea at the time").  It's a purple glitter organza cloud.  Looks effortless--but each little puff had to be hand-tacked into place.  And I was working on a pretty tight schedule, because I had to allow for shipping time to Belgium and really didn't want them arriving after the trip.

But they made it there safely, and on time.  Amanda--I know you read this.  I WANT PICTURES!

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  1. They are fantabulous! I will send pics!! Thank you!