Monday, August 29, 2011

He scores!!

Classes started today--thousands of eager young students wandering around aimlessly, eyes glued to their cellphones.  They are often oblivous to their surroundings--bumping into each other, or into buildings, or street signs as they text away.

Bob was trying to drive across campus, going slowly because a student was walking down the middle of the street texting.  Something interesting must have come up on the small screen, because she stopped walking.  Bob drove up to a few inches behind her, waited a few moments . . .

And hit the horn.

She didn't drop the phone--we suspect that the student have them surgically attached to their hands to avoid this possibility--but she did suddenly look aghast and grab her crotch.

It's extra points if you get them to widdle on themselves.

What will the rest of the term bring?

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