Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Mini-Cation

Can't believe that Bob and I took our third trip out of town since May!  We're getting into the mini-vacations--meaning one night away.  The occasion for this was our 38th anniversary (!). For the last couple of weeks Bob has been asking what I wanted to do for our anniversary.  At the time I was arse-deep in summer camp and didn't have two brain cells to rub together, so my usual response was "oh, we can just go have dinner somewhere."  He said that we should do something--and he would plan it and take care of everything.

So what resulted was a plan to go to Pensacola for an overnighter--go to Ft. Pickens, the Naval Air Museum, and a couple of hobby shops that carry scale models.  Did I see a Bob-slant to this trip?  That's what I get for not participating in the process.

It's about a three hour drive there, and we spent a couple of hours at Ft. Pickens.  It would be easy to spend more--it really is an interesting place, some part of it 200 years old, and a lot of outlying batteries to explore.  But it's still running 100 degrees and it was bloody hot.  Maybe we'll go back for Bob's birthday--in January.

 The bricks in the older section were mortared with a limestone mixture.  Over the decades water has leached out the lime and created little stalactites.  Of course, this means that there's no longer anything holding the bricks together except for the arch construction that has them leaning on each other.  Walk softly.

So, hot and sweaty, we found a place to have ice cream, and then decided that getting to our hotel for a shower seemed like a good idea.  That's when I discovered the Ann-side to this trip.

Bob had booked a room at a beachside Hilton--with a double size jacuzzi tub in the room (that's right--not in the bathroom but in the bedroom).  We had a quick shower, went for a swim and then a walk on the beach, and out for a very nice seafood dinner.  Later that evening we toasted our anniversary with champagne and wonderful little wafer cookies that Amanda had sent us from Belgium--while sitting in the jacuzzi and watching "Project Runway."  The next morning we went out to the beach to watch the sunrise, and--what the heck--had room service deliver French toast for breakfast.

That Bob--he's a keeper.

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  1. Well! Project Runway! All's well. (And the rest of it sounds wonderful, too.) Happy day.