Monday, April 3, 2017

I Have the Touch of Death

Bob came in with something in a yogurt carton.  "I just got a baby snake away from Wilhelm."

I looked at the poor thing.  Then our conversation went something like this:

Ann:  Damn.  Poor little thing

Bob:  I think he might be OK.  There aren't any marks on him.

Ann (poking at limp and unresponsive snake):  Looks pretty dead to me.

Bob:  He was moving a few minutes ago.

Ann:  . . . . . . . .

Bob:  I think it's a hognose.

Ann:  Oh--might be all right, then.

Bob was right on all counts.  He was a hognose, and he was fine.  The hognose snake is famous for "playing possum" when threatened.

We finally decided that we should quit poking at him, even though it was fun to watch his act (honestly, we were trying to check him out for any injuries).  He quickly came back to life when we let him go.

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