Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Survived the Halloween Howl

Halloween has once again come and gone, leaving us struck down like overripe zombies.

Once again, we did the Haunted Trail.  Once again we overdid it.  Why, oh why?  The Howl at the museum is only for two nights.  All we need is a little scary walk through the woods.  Instead, we spend hours (meaning about 200 hours per person for our main group of four, plus another half dozen people helping to build) building a complex and oddly beautiful trail.  And I think the answer is: because we can.  It's like doing an art installation. And we bask in the glow of art appreciated.  The trail is open for two nights, about 3 hours a night.  6 hours after a month of hard physical labor.  But in those 6 hours 2117 people went through (many of them twice).  The wait was sometimes over two hours.  Personally, I'm one of those people that's not good about waiting in line--if the wait is over 15 minutes I seriously question how badly I need whatever I'm waiting for.  So the fact that a *lot* of people would stand in line for a couple of hours to see something we've made is rather mind-boggling.

What's more mind-boggling is that a large number of people (60+), after waiting all that time, didn't make it through the trail.  Got too scared and had to be escorted off (we provide escort service).  This despite the fact that we keep the trail very PG (we tell people not to bring children, but they do anyway).  No guts, no gore, and just a little bit of blood spatter in only 2 of the 9 scenes.  We strive for creepy, not gross.

And then the next day we start tearing it all down.   Sigh . . . .

The family shot (fuzzy because the flash didn't work and I had to lighten it)

Bob is the tall one in front, I'm the bog monster hugging him, brother Mike in the robe, and friend Allen behind him.

Closeups of Mike and Bob.  I'm really pleased with the masks I made this year.  (Mike paid me the compliment of keeping his--made is a statement ("I'm keeping this") rather than a request)

And a bunch of pics of the trail.





And now the magic is all put away--until next year


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