Saturday, May 2, 2015

Castle Fit for a Tiny King

Last September I posted pictures of a tiny baby flying squirrel that a friend had found.

I had every intention of raising and releasing him.  I only got as far as the "raising" part.  It's very common for people to find gray squirrels--but rare to find flyers.  So Schrödinger (now "Dingo") was raised alone.  Flyers are communal nesters during cold weather, and I couldn't be sure he would be able to find nesting buddies right away, so I (on the advice of a rehabber) kept him over the winter.  Winter, as some may have noticed, lasted longer than usual this year.  By the time it was warm enough to release him, it was too late.  He's been in captivity too long to be able to bond with other squirrels now. 

Time to face the fact that I have another pet flying squirrel (I've had my other one, Delbert, for almost 10 years now.  I really did try for several weeks to release him, but he refused) and get him a more permanent nest box than the cardboard ones he keeps chewing up.  We went to Michael's today to buy a wooden birdhouse for him.  I had said birdhouse in hand, but wandered about for awhile--and found this.  On Sale.

Could I possibly resist?  Why even try?
And besides, he seems to approve.

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