Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crawling into 2015: Reflections on Christmas

After three days of the 103 fever the novelty work off and I finally went to the doctor (verdict: pneumonia).  Drugs are kicking in but I'm still really really tired.   Someday I'll get those vacation pictures posted.

So . . . Christmas happened.  I'll make a statement--I like Christmas.  I'm not crazy about it--we don't decorate (would never be able to stay ahead of the cats), I don't own a single ugly Christmas sweater, and in general it's just not a big deal.  On the other hand, I'm not a Scrooge either.  I have a comfortably friendly relationship with the holiday.

There are some things that must happen.  Fruitcakes must be baked.  And Bob and I watch "The Hogfather" while having meat pies and sherry.  For how I feel about these, check out Dec. 2011's entry called (appropriately) "meat pies and fruitcake"  And I do some frantic gift-making--I believe in winding down the year in the proper order--Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, then my birthday.  And *then* I'll think about Christmas.  Only this year I was sort of busy writing a report on the collection and cleaning out my office, so I really didn't get started until the middle of the month.  Uhhhhh . . .   Actually, I didn't do too badly.  Wove two sets of dishtowels (because I personally love using handmade things as everyday items)--alas--woven, washed, hemmed and wrapped before I thought to take a picture.  Knitted an octopus scarf for a friend who is cephlapod-crazy.

Some fingerless mitts for a couple of friends (because they're fun to make and I thought they'd enjoy them) (yes those are little owls on the second pair)

And because I then had some yarn and a bit time  left over, a season-appropriate pixie hat
Which looked properly adorable on our newest family member, our grand-nephew Zeke.
We spent time with family (Amanda, Robert and the kids came home for Christmas) and with friends.  Maybe that's what I like about Christmas--everyone's lives are so busy, and it makes us take time to just realize we enjoy being together.  There is much silliness--Gill has introduced us to the English game of "pass the package" which is sort of like musical chairs.  There is a gift wrapped in a ridiculous number of layers of paper, and it is passed around as the music plays.  When the music stops, whoever is holding it peels off a layer (fortunately there is usually a chocolate piece in each layer).  The person who takes off the last layer has to keep the gift.  This year is was me, and here is my prize

You can imagine the somewhat raucous comments made about exactly where I was  going to scrub with that suspiciously smiling face . . . .

And gifts.  Admit it--getting gifts is fun.  Some are silly (chia zombie head).  Italian goodies the kids crammed into their bags.  Solid hand lotions and goat milk soaps--cast into tiny skulls just for me

Thoughtful gifts--a lovely silver hairpin/shawl pin that a friend saw me admire.   Chocolates and Christmas cake and hot cocoa.  Some that stop your heart, just for a moment
A hand painted portrait of our much loved and much missed goose Godwin.
Laughter, love, nostalgia.  Hugs, kisses, silliness. 
I like Christmas.

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