Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wilhelm Montage

The fascinating thing about having a kitten is watching him grow and change so quickly.  The round little face lengthens, the tiny ears get huge (then the body catches up), the plushy kitten coat turns to sleek fur, and the tentative wobbly walk becomes running and bouncing.

He has turned out to be a completely charming little cat.  Not only is he very affectionate with the two of us, but he is determined to make friends with every other cat in the household.  Some of them have been easy; RiverSong and Noko Marie almost immediately adopted him as a new kitty toy, and Nazgul is a fine fellow who gets along with everyone (except Apache).  Fiona stands on her right as Queen Cat not to mingle with the underlings,  Pookha doesn't like any other cat (except for Nazgul), and Apache doesn't like any other cats at all.  Wilhelm remains undaunted: "Are we playing hitting growling games?  I can do that."

So here is six weeks of Wilhelm:

At his bottle (although at 9 weeks old, he still likes to drink from his bottle)

Learning how to eat real food with Riversong
Figuring out that maybe he can sneak up on other cats by hiding in the food dish
 Maybe it works--he was able to sneak up on Apache

To get close to Fiona and Pookha, he sneaks up on them while they're sleeping.

While he takes a somewhat more direct approach with Nazgul

I don't even have a good picture of him with Noko Marie, because all I can get is a big furry blur.

But speaking of big and furry, his favorite place is still with Bob.

We'll never know how he got away from his mother, or even be able to trace the convoluted chain of events that ended up with him being handed to Bob.  But we are reasonably sure that he is happy in his new home.

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