Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Ah, the magic of Theatre.

Sometime in January I posted a picture of a sleeve that I knitted out of nylon cord.  Here it is again.
Not particularly impressive, I admit.  Even though it was more difficult to knit than it looks--heavy cord on big needles are just more work than my normal knitting.  All in all, I did four of these, and two shoulder panels.  A lot of work for something that doesn't look like much.
But dye them, and gild them, make them part of a costume, and put them under stage lights--and they look pretty good.

Likewise, here's my strange shaggy shoulder panels.  I did exaggerate when I said that after all my work they'd be on stage for all of 15 minutes.  It was more like five.  That's theatre for you.  (But don't they look good?)

Back at the costume shop, I was watching one of the designers working with a beautiful piece of color-changing taffeta in a gorgeous bronze-green color.  I remarked that it looked like a wet peacock.  I got strange looks.   I guess not many people have seen a peacock in the rain--their feathers get plastered down and take on a bronze/green hue instead of the usual peacock blue/turquoise.   So the next time it rained I took a closeup of a bird's back.

See?  A wet peacock *is* beautiful--so there!

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