Saturday, August 10, 2013

Armadillo bath

This is a learning day for me.

I learned how to take a video on my camera.  (OK--you point the camera and hold down the video button.  It ain't rocket science.  But I haven't done it before).

I wanted to put this on my NOOK (yes--this luddite has a NOOK) so I could take it to share with Dad.  But the file from the camera won't play on the NOOK.  So I downloaded a program to convert the file.  Successfully downloaded, successfully converted, successfully put it on the NOOK.

For me, this is pretty amazing.  Usually if I need computer geek stuff done I make one of my famous chocolate cheesecakes and bribe a geek.  But I don't have cream cheese, chocolate, or a convenient geek around this evening.

Finally--seeing if I can upload a video to the blog.  Can I stand to be clever this many times in one day?

And all this simply because at the museum today I put a pan of water out for the armadillo to play in.  One does not think of armadillos as being water creatures, but they do love it.

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