Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Animal Shots

Bob has pointed out that the last few blog posts have not had cat pictures, which is against Margo's law. 

But before the cats come the birds.  We came home one day to our white peahen Ashley sitting among the explosion of azelea blossoms.

I've posted before about the owls that I get to handle at the museum.  They are beautiful, noble, and (usually) dignified birds.  I've been working with the barred owl for about three years now.  I usually try to see if she'll let me touch her--and I usually get snapped at.  But I was finally able to cautiously reach over her head without her being able to grab me--and when I finally started scratching her she suddenly blissed out, getting this look of "ohmygod why did I wait so long for this?"

Now for the obligatory cat pictures.  Nazgul has decided to contribute to our Art Installation:

RiverSong and Noko Marie think it's unfair that they don't get to go outside, and have to make do with a windowsill.
Finally, the big raspberry goes to my brother Michael, who saw the picture of my wee baby opossum and responded with "boy, that is ugly."  It's sort of unfair to judge an unfinished piece of work.  He's still not done--but I've been working on him.

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