Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy Monday

I thought that the purpose of time was to keep everything from happening at once.  It rather failed at that yesterday.

It started off first thing with setting up a dye workshop in the textile lab.  Normally this would have been done by the person teaching the lab, but she got volunteered to talk to a group of boy scouts about textiles from 9 to 10--and her class was at 10:15.  So, being the nice person I generally am, I offered to set up the lab.  Mixing the dyes, mixing the fixing solution, getting everything labled and set out, setting up the steamer.  While I'm doing this the scouts come out of the classroom and into the lab to see some of the equipment--so I end up giving an impromptu lecture about dyeing.

Scouts leave, I finish with the dye setup, and I get called to the scout class to help demonstrate weaving on the table loom.  The scouts all want to give it a try (which is amazing--I can't talk my college students into it at all), but it's time for Trinna's class, so we carry the loom to another room and they all have a go at it.

Finally get to my office, where I have to pack up vintage clothing and dress forms because I'm having an interview on TV about the Gowns of Goodwood exhibit (there was also a radio interview but they didn't need the visuals).  One of the garments I need is out at Goodwood so I drive out there to get it.

Get that, get back, have a quick lunch (see below for details), get changed into a dress, drive to the TV station, drag out the dress forms and box of clothes, get them set up, and have interview the first.  Wait around because the radio guy isn't there.  Finally have the interview with him.

Clothes get repacked, everything stuffed into the Honda, and back to Goodwood.  

Then off to the yarn shop because this is the night I'm helping Rob teach a weaving class (lots of fun--but once again I forgot my camera).

Now, it may seem that this was a busy enough day, but it was complicated by the fact that I have a new little friend.

Got this little guy last Wednesday, tipping the scales at just one ounce.  Possums this size are very tricky to raise--unlike most mammals, marsupial babies live in the pouch and nurse almost constantly, so they can't go long between feeding.  He's on a two-hour schedule (except at night--he has to go four hours because I just can't get up every two.  Even the 2 a.m. feedings are getting to me).

So everything I was doing yesterday included getting back to the office every two hours to feed him.  The schedule for getting stuff from Goodwood to the TV station was tight enough that I would have time to feed him, or feed myself, but not both.  Bob to the rescue on that one--he brought lunch over and dropped bits in my mouth like a baby bird while I fed the possum  (pity we didn't have a third person with a camera for that one).

But dyeshop was a success, and scouts had fun, and the interview went well, and the weaving class went well, and the possum got fed, and I got through the day.

Today I'm staying home.

P.S.  For those of you in Tallahassee, the TV interview will be Wednesday the 27th at 7:30 p.m. on WFSU (Comast Channel 4).  The show is called Dimensions--we'll only be on for about 5 minutes.

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