Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jax Con

OK--some internet connection problems, some way busy at work (so I didn' want to even look at a computer in the evening) and some just plain ennui--it's been three weeks since the last post.  So shoot me.

About the only big event of the last month has been the Jax Con  on Feb. 4--an annual convention of scale model builders.  Bob usuallly goes with his model making buddies.   This year, he and some friends decided that it might be an interesting idea to rent a sales table and perhaps downsize the various collections by sellling them off.  Of course, this created the problem of how to man a sales table while simultaneously wandering around looking at all the other sales tables and also admiring all the other models.

I found myself volunteering to go along to man the sales table.  Perhaps I was being haunted by the vision of Bob carrying his backpack through the Sheep and Wool Festival last May.

But it wasn't that busy--and a girlfriend of one of the other guys was learning to knit, so we had a small knitting circle and I got pink  scarf made.  It was originally supposed to be a gray beret--but after the yarn was spun it turned out to be more of a dirty off-white than gray, and the only dye I had mixed up was some used cochineal so the yarn came out a dusty rose, and I couldn't see myself in a pink hat so it's a ruffled scarf instead.

But I digree.  This is about Jax Con.   Bob entered 5 models--four came home with medals.  My favorite one didn't even place.  I think it's because it's a sort of "betwixt and between"  model--it told a story (being rusted and abandoned) but didn't have figures and not quite a complex  scenery to count as a diorama.  But it's still my favorite.

So he got to shop, and sell, and get awards.  I got a scarf.  We both got barbecue.  Not a bad day.

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