Sunday, November 27, 2011

And November Continues

Just because it took me a couple of weeks to write up the trip didn't mean that life didn't continue on it's merry way.  Sometimes I wish it would take just a little break.

So  . . . Things I Came Back To

An indigo dyeing demo.  The museum's Farm Days was the day after we came home--and I had already agreed to do an indigo dyeing day.  Didn't remember to take the camera--I'm amazed that I was able to get me and the blue dye out there.  But farm days is fun--there are other activies to watch, cane syrup to bring home, and catch up with friend who come for it.

A Present!  A couple of months ago I taught my friend Rob how to spin with a drop spindle--and I've created a monster!  The goldenrod was coming into bloom just as we left, and as Rob and Jeff were house- and critter-sitting while we were gone, I told Rob he could use my dye kitchen.  I didn't know that I would be the recipient on the results--a most amazing lemon-yellow scarf, with green stripes (add a pinch of iron to yellow and you get green).  I'm so proud of him.

The barred owl.  The Museum now has a beautiful barred owl, and I had just finished being certified to handle her when we went on vacation, so I've been trying to get out there.  Unlike our other owl, she is fully flighted, which makes it tricky to catch her (she doesn't necessarily want to get on the glove.  She does wear jesses (leather leashes on her ankles) so it's a matter of being able to make a quick grab--that's often easier to do with the ungloved hand (gloves are pretty clumsy) but you have to be aware that you're a couple of inches away from some very sharp talons.  But while she can be a bit bratty, she's not ill-tempered and doesn't ever try to attack.  I think she's a lovely bird, and I like walking around with her.

The classroom!!??!!!  My resolutions don't seem to be working out.  In September I had bragged to some friends that this year I a)wouldn't be doing the Haunted Trail, and b) would not be talked into teaching.  Well--if you read my October blog, you'll see that I got rather involved in building the trail.  And I came home to this--yep, that a classroom of students.  One of the faculty walked out, and as I've taught this class before I was the logical person to step in.  Sigh . . .

A glance at this picture shows why I gave up teaching.  Yes--this was taken during class.  No--many of them didn't notice that I was taking a picture because they're too busy cruising the web or texting.  There's supposed to be  100 students in the class--I doubt if I've seen 30 of them.   

Fun Stuff: Dinosaurs!  Jim Gary is an artist who has made dinosaurs out of old car parts, and the museum gets to keep them for awhile.  It's amazing the amount of anatomically correct detail that he can get out of car parts.

And I went back to see Cute and Creepy (the art show at FSU's art museum)  I find the serene expressions on the gazelle's faces to be particularly disturbing.

Finally, as it often does at the end of November, Thanksgiving rolled around.  We had friend over (nope, no pictures) and then the next day had Thanksgiving, Part II--taking the leftovers over to the folks.  I have always thought that Part II was the best part of Thanksgiving--and the reward for being the hostess of Part I (so that I get to have the leftovers).

So November is about over.  Now--got to get ready for Christmas!

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