Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Made in the Shade

Or at least making some shade.  We've had this swing for many years.  The top shade cloth died after a few years.  Since then, I've replaced it several times, but even though the fabric I get is supposed to be "outdoor, sun resistant" stuff, it falls apart in a season. 

So today Bob cut wood slats and put on a permanent shade roof.  Looks good.  Next we replace the swing itself (which has held up better but is coming apart).

After all this, I reloaded the loom--my friend liked the trim samples so I'll be making some longer pieces.  This is today's piece (using the new close-up camera).

We had both played hookey from work today--it's been most satisfying!

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  1. Hi Ann!

    We could use that shade up here today. It was so sunny and warm outside that a friend of ours wore his kilt to work! He was doing roof work when we saw him, and maybe that's not the best occupation for one to be wearing a kilt, but at least he was comfortable and enjoying the breeze.

    All is well up here. Just about done with the term. Still straight A's, and only another week or two to go!